Why Pay N Play Casinos Are the Solution In An Ever Changing Internet World

Why Pay N Play Casinos Are the Solution In An Ever Changing Internet World

The internet is constantly evolving, and as a result, some of the former ways of doing things are no longer in vogue. One of the practices that have gone out of fashion is having multiple usernames and passwords for online gambling. The risk associated with this includes vulnerable accounts, hack attacks, identity theft and a lot more. All these propelled the gambling community to find a more secure alternative in the form of Pay N Play Casinos.

Everything You Should Know About Online Casinos

Online casinos are the online replicas of traditional (bricks-and-mortar) casinos. Online casinos make playing and wagering on Casino games easier, as this can now be done through the Internet. The ease and convenience it affords players has made online gambling more alluring than ever before.

Generally, online casinos offer higher payback percentages and odds compared to land-based casinos. Some of these casinos claim higher payback percentages for slots, and some are so transparent that they make payout percentage audits publicly displayed on their websites. Supposing the online casino is equipped with a well-programmed Random Number Generator (RNG), table games like Roulette have a firmly settled house edge. The payout percentage of every game is established by the rules governing the game.

Without game software, online casinos will find it difficult to provide standard gambling services. Many of these casinos source their software from companies like Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Cryptologic Inc (presently known as Amaya), Microgaming and International Game Technology.

Why Pay n Play Casinos Can Bring a Solution In An Ever Changing Internet World?

Ever since gambling became part of the internet scene, making payments has been a herculean task for both players and the online gambling platforms. This has gone on for over three decades, and only recently did the iGaming industry heave a sigh of relief, thanks to Trustly. A Trustly casino has finally brought the much needed innovative breakthrough the iGaming industry has struggled to find. Now, players will no longer have to combat the lengthy, tiresome process of registration and payments.

Trustly, formerly named InstaBank, chose the 2008 ICE event in London to unveil the pay n play casino technology, which will serve as a direct payment solution for European users. The primary purpose of a pay n play casino is to remove the need to share information between players and online casinos. This modern payment system from the stables of Trustly has ushered in a new age of fluidity and trust in the iGaming industry.

With the innovative pay n play casino technology from Trustly and the integration of the BankID login feature, players can easily deposit and withdraw funds instantly to and from bank accounts. To add to this, all transactions are KYC (Know Your Customer) compliant and can be carried out on all mobile devices, including BlackBerry, Windows, iOS and Android. Presently, Trustly's banking services benefit residents of over 29 European countries.

The Pros Of Pay n Play

A pay n play casino, also known as no account casino, is an online casino that was designed by Trustly as a solution to the payment problems and tedious sign up process plaguing the members of the iGaming community. Here are some of its outstanding benefits:


• Instant deposits and withdrawals

• No more lengthy registration procedures

• Sensitive details of players are not divulged

• Gameplay can commence immediately

• Stronger security for the money of players

• No document is required

What Makes It Better Than Normal Online Casinos?

A pay n play casino is a massive improvement on the normal online casinos that have dominated the online gambling scene for years. In the area of security, a pay n play casino is ahead of a regular casino because it allows players to deposit money without providing any personal details in the process. Meaning that pay n play casinos receive no sensitive data from players which adds to their overall protection.

Also, a pay n play casino is faster than a regular online casino in the aspect of instant deposits and withdrawals. Players can initiate a banking transaction, be it a deposit or withdrawal, and have it completed in less than 3 minutes. Furthermore, players can start playing games immediately, armed with only their BankID. At a pay n play casino, lengthy registration has been phased out. This gives players quicker access to casino games.


A pay n play casino is the best place to visit if you want to enjoy faster gambling experiences. This online casino operates a no registration policy, where players are not asked to provide any personal details about themselves. Only the most important information of the player is obtained by Trustly through their BankID for account creation purposes. This ensures that the data of players do not fall into the wrong hands. Make your deposit and start playing instantly, and when you want to withdraw your winnings, a pay n play casino will credit your bank account immediately.